FRANdata collects and uses information* to provide services to:

Objective reporting on your brand helps provide a point of differentiation amongst other quality brands. It becomes evidence of your “match fitness” for the strategic challenges that lie ahead for franchising.

FRANdata Accreditation can:

  • Protect and streamline existing funding arrangements and develop new lending relationships (including promoting access to new and non-traditional forms of financing for the franchise sector)
  • Assist in attracting quality new franchisees looking to align themselves with higher quality offerings
  • Position brands to take advantage of emerging new pools of franchisees
  • Unlock emerging new products and services to qualifying franchise brands
  • Enable comparison of financial and operational performance with competitive businesses.

FRANdata can also:

  • Undertake custom research projects on your sector and industry, including surveying of franchisees, suppliers and customers
  • Develop a set of standards to evidence your achievement of Best Practice for franchise brands.

With almost 1200 franchise brands reported to be operating in the Australian market, identifying superior quality brands can be a challenge.

Major banks and other key players in the franchise sector rely on the independence and objectivity of FRANdata when making their decisions. Why not take advantage of the same knowledge bank and expertise when evaluating your next business move?

With finance access a constant challenge in the small business sector, you can expand your options by ensuring you are aligned with a brand that gives its franchisees the most attractive finance options with the most competitive terms by having a current Bank Credit Report in place.

Join the lenders that take advantage of independent and objective FRANdata Bank Credit Reports to substantially reduce the amount of time required to determine whether an acceptable risk profile and business development opportunity exists.

They know that when it comes to objective information and analysis in the franchise sector, FRANdata offers unmatched expertise.

We provide Bank Credit Reports to many of the most successful franchise brands in the U.S. to accredited banks, and are the exclusive Federal Trade Commission contractor for the SBA Franchise Registry in the United States of America.

FRANdata can help with identifying new deals, conducting due diligence activities and providing post-acquisition support.

By leveraging the depth of information that we have already accumulated on the Australian Franchise Sector and the substantial insights provided by our detailed knowledge gained overseas, you can proactively screen acquisition sectors and targets using our detailed knowledge and library.

FRANdata can help you identify market opportunities, prospects and broader concept testing.

*FRANdata will not resell or disclose any information that compromises brand anonymity without the specific consent of the provider.