September 19 2017

FRANdata Appoints General Counsel, Damira Banaszak to the Executive Team

FRANdata, a leading reporting and rating authority on franchising in Australia, has today announced the newly appointed General Counsel Damira Banaszak to bring greater legal clarity for the franchise industry.

Damira’s appointment follows an extensive market search for this strategically and commercially important role.

Mr Darryn McAuliffe, CEO of FRANdata said “we are delighted to welcome Damira to FRANdata’s Executive Committee. With the rapidly changing marketplace and continued execution of our growth strategy, we require high level legal advice and support from our General Counsel and team”.
We are extremely proud that Damira’s abilities have been recognised nationally, and she is now heading a new Compliance Standard for FRANdata.
“Damira brings over 30 years’ experience as a commercial lawyer, both in private practice and in senior in-house counsel roles within the financial services sector. We are delighted to announce her appointment.”

Her background includes significant corporate, retail, franchising and banking experience, including senior in house legal counsel responsibilities with both Westpac and the NAB. She has particular expertise in corporations law, franchising code of conduct compliance, ASIC and regulatory compliance, privacy and anti-money laundering legislation, dispute resolution and commercial negotiation.

As Frandata Australia General Counsel, Damira’s primary focus will be on creating processes for quality franchise brands to promote their compliance and commitment to higher standards. She will also oversee the legal aspects of the Australian Franchise Registry, and assist in training lawyers and financiers as part of Frandata’s Registered Franchise Lending Specialist and Accredited Franchise Lawyer programs.
Damira commented, “This is a rare opportunity to work across a new compliance standard for the franchise sector especially at an exciting time in FRANdata’s growth trajectory in Australia.”
Damira’s new appointment will enhance greater transparency in the sector which boasts over 1,100 franchise systems and 70,000 franchise businesses.

“The new standard led by Damira gives responsible franchisees the opportunity to strengthen the credibility in franchising,” said Mr McAuliffe.