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FRANdata has been supplying credible information to support key franchise decisions for more than twenty-five years.

Today, we’re the industry’s number one source for objective information and analysis. We have the business intelligence to help you make the right decision, whether you’re:

  •  A bank evaluating applications for franchise funding
  •  A quality franchise brand wanting to stand out in a crowded marketplace
  •  An emerging brand trying to determine your expansion strategy
  • A prospective franchisee trying to determine credible Australian franchise brands

We maintain a substantial library of confidential and publicly available information to enable objective and comparative analysis and reporting to be done on all aspects of the franchise sector.

When facts rather than opinions are required to set you on the right path, you need FRANdata.


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Our Vision


To draw on our global experience and local expertise to provide reliable information for Australia’s growing franchise sector by delivering:

  • Objective information, analysis and accreditation
  • A pathway to additional funding and new pools of franchisees
  • A framework for the evaluation of franchise brand performance.


Franchise Funding Report

The pathway to funding for emerging brands.

Bank Credit Report

The industry standard for franchise financing.

Franchise Accreditation

Franchise Accreditation is a 3-stage process.


January 23 2020

What are the good franchise brands?

The franchise sector must do more to help potential investors make the right decision for them and their families. And The Franchise Ratings Scale is a key step in that direction.

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